Pet Giveaway


This week alone I have seen

Five unwanted cats

I must wonder if

These people know the facts


Firstly, it did not choose you

You wanted it badly

For you or your kid

You took that cat home gladly


It settles in and feels happy

The cat has found its feet

Every morning when it wakes

It is you it wants to greet


After some months or years

It cannot believe its luck

That it has found a home

Which is better than a pig in muck


Tail high it wanders round

Basking in your love

Rubbing on furniture

And giving you lots of hugs


Then you decide one day

You can’t have it anymore

Moving house or a new baby

Makes the cat become a chore


Suddenly you want rid

For your own selfish ends

Why take it in the first place

And make this pet your friend?


Pets are your family

Not a toy to be thrown away

Just because it can’t speak

Doesn’t mean it’s not in pain


That animal is a spirit

That wanders just like you

And now you have broke it

It doesn’t know what to do


A new home means

New people and new smells

The feeling is overwhelming

Your ex pet becomes a shell


It is looking for you

Upstairs and down

But all it sees is a stranger

With a concerned frown


That’s just the lucky ones

Who get a new home

The others go to cattery’s

Where they feel more alone


The next time you decide

To get yourself pet

Remember it is for life

It can’t be dumped at the vet


There is only one time

Saying goodbye is okay

When you can’t afford to feed it

And it will end up a stray


That pet treasured you

You fit it like a glove

I hope you aren’t thrown away

By someone you love…


Secret Anxiety

At a glance you wouldn’t think I had it

It creeps into my being staying unseen


I didn’t think it was such a bad habit

Then my brain starts to tick and I want to pick


Relief is fleeting I have to grab it

To the mirror I rush in a silent hush


Once it starts I can’t nip and bag it

I scratch to feel then it strains to heal


Any chance I get I still have to nab it

The struggle will stay until I stop the play


The anxiety I just want to stab it

But whilst there’s stress I’ll stay a mess


I get caught I jump like a rabbit

Then justify why I’m low not high


I’ve had enough pass me my jacket

and at the door I pick some more…


The power I seek is one of will

I know I have that ability still

The goals in my head won’t be achieved

If I don’t ignore feeling aggrieved


No one will be my success for me

I separate the real from the corny

What I need is a motivator

To make me sit and write on paper


In the gym I feel strong

but if I stay home I feel wrong

Tiredness has taken over my being

and my goals are sat staying unseen


The worst thing I do is look at others

It makes me hide under covers

Self comparison cannot compare

to embracing yourself and artistic flair


Just for writing this poem I feel better

I’ve changed into my gym kit from my sweater

I’ll shut out the world and finish my tasks

and ignore the creepers behind the masks


To do things well is to do them real
Take note of your instincts and what you feel
Looking around at others work
Will only bring you pain and hurt

Celebrate your success but don’t tell tales
Stay true to you and you shall prevail
Proving your worth is not required
Your peers won’t say ‘yes you’re hired’

Success is silent it does not boast
Insecurity is loud I hear it the most
Some accomplishments are just for you
They’re not always headline news

Don’t share your goals or your passion
Just get it done in a timely fashion
Time doesn’t wait for whiners and moaners
Nor does it care if you’re a loner

Picture the world you want to create
Then let go of jealousy and hate
Put your plans into action now
And in ten years you’ll thank me how?

Scotland Bound

Rest assured I know our isles

They cover no more than a 1000 miles
From the North of England to the South
I’ve seen every sheep and river mouth

Back up the country to visit Wales
It’s as pretty as the Yorkshire Dales
Across to Ireland I then travelled
And my secret trips began to unravel

‘How have you not been to Scotland?!’ she said
As I sit cross legged on my Mother’s bed
‘Don’t blame me, you never took me!,
but now I am going and I feel lucky’

The tripod attempt to commence
The trip costing 8000 pence
With the two Lucy’s, Nic and Abbey
We’ll do the six hour drive most gladly

Across the border we shall roam
And a lodge in a loch we’ll call home
Drinking, dancing and telling jokes
The rest of the camp will think we’re blokes

In the midst of hardwork and waiting for Santa
We will have some epic banter
Our raincoats and boots are at the ready
To traverse Scotland in rain so heavy

Winter is Coming

The sky turns whiter

as the wind turns cold

Autumn is fading

and it can’t hold


The withering leaves of summer gone by

The ground is wet, no longer dry

Icy mornings and breathing steam

soon we’ll be in a winter dream


Of woolly jumpers

and knitted gloves

Decorations and

two white doves


Dark mornings and dark nights

we wish back for summer nights

Why I wonder? Winter is charming

On quiet mornings it’s more than calming


Enjoy the snow for

its not dire

At least try be

a winter trier