Pet Giveaway


This week alone I have seen

Five unwanted cats

I must wonder if

These people know the facts


Firstly, it did not choose you

You wanted it badly

For you or your kid

You took that cat home gladly


It settles in and feels happy

The cat has found its feet

Every morning when it wakes

It is you it wants to greet


After some months or years

It cannot believe its luck

That it has found a home

Which is better than a pig in muck


Tail high it wanders round

Basking in your love

Rubbing on furniture

And giving you lots of hugs


Then you decide one day

You can’t have it anymore

Moving house or a new baby

Makes the cat become a chore


Suddenly you want rid

For your own selfish ends

Why take it in the first place

And make this pet your friend?


Pets are your family

Not a toy to be thrown away

Just because it can’t speak

Doesn’t mean it’s not in pain


That animal is a spirit

That wanders just like you

And now you have broke it

It doesn’t know what to do


A new home means

New people and new smells

The feeling is overwhelming

Your ex pet becomes a shell


It is looking for you

Upstairs and down

But all it sees is a stranger

With a concerned frown


That’s just the lucky ones

Who get a new home

The others go to cattery’s

Where they feel more alone


The next time you decide

To get yourself pet

Remember it is for life

It can’t be dumped at the vet


There is only one time

Saying goodbye is okay

When you can’t afford to feed it

And it will end up a stray


That pet treasured you

You fit it like a glove

I hope you aren’t thrown away

By someone you love…