Resentful Runaway

What if I actually ran away? Who would have something to say?

Even if they did I could not hear, by that time I could be in South Korea

People need to address their issues, instead of using all the tissues

We all have stuff going on, so stop dragging me along

to your hateful world of excuses and lies, I have tried to help lord knows I’ve tried

Entitlement is the topic of discussion, me again, the emotional cushion

Why do I allow myself to be so loyal? When my dreams and plans they want to foil?

Loved ones lie and bury heads, whilst I speak the truth until I’m dead

Their actions will be the death of me, I’m almost there just look and see

Working from morning until the night, working the weekend and missing light

Juggling commitments and a home, I’m being ground to the bone

When was the last time I did something for me? Made myself fill up with glee?

In all honesty I can’t remember, my mind lives in that dark December

That month I thought my life was great, until a cloud descended with my fate

It transpired that I was blind and loyalty exists only in the mind

No matter what ‘good’ people do, they will find the time to puncture you

in one ear and the other, this is why I can’t become a mother

Unconditional love is a thing of beauty but it is also a dangerous thing of duty

Mothers, fathers, daughter and son, I did not ask for anyone

so why do I exist in this draining place, full of anger and distaste?

They do not need me and my opinion, yet they need me and my opinion

They do not think I am one of power, yet they call me in their low hour

They do not think I can think or speak, yet it’s me they call when they meet defeat

They do not think that I know, yet I always know just on the low

I don’t see faces I see souls and I can see that they’re not whole

I don’t see their anger or their rage, I see someone lost, trapped in a cage

I don’t see their judgement or their reason, but often I can see their treason

I don’t see them haughty or their higher level, I just see a mind that is disheveled

I can’t help but wonder what would be, if I let myself be true and free

what would become of these traitors? These secret self loathing haters?

Would they wonder where I ran? Would they find me and do all they can?

Hell to the N to the inevitable O, this life is just a one man show

rest assured when I eventually break, I will be the one to seal my fate

and I can guarantee you won’t be there, involving yourself in my affairs

I become that girl you knew, the one with rage who was always true


so universe please answer this…can you fulfill my only wish?

Make me a resentful runaway and in one place I will never stay.







DIFFERENT CLASS by Rebecca Gatenby


Well hello there sir,

Yes you, opposite me on this train


Suited and booted

Upper lip curled

Carrying a look of disdain


I am sorry dear sir

If my attire offends

Suits like yours are not often required around these ends


I will hazard a guess that you’re just passing through?

I can’t imagine any business here would concern one as smart as you


May I enquire what you’re reading?

You assume too intellectual for me?


Shoes polished

Cigar in mouth

One hand on your knee


Ah it is a Bronte novel you hold in the other hand!

A change of expression, you do not understand?

Well of course I’m well acquainted

They were women of my land

Do not presume your status sir gives you the upper hand


As a literate man, you should know better than to judge a book by its cover

Yet in life it appears you don’t apply this rule

You have no urge to discover?


We may seem like simple folk

Simply spoken, simply dressed

But there’s much more than meets the eye

With our minds, not clothing, we’re blessed.


We are each from a different class

Yet we are but the same

We both possess a functioning brain

And blood runs through our veins


We are not so different you and I

So, try not to look down your nose

You may end up in my position ONE Day sir

Depending which way the wind blows.

Bitter & Sweet

The woman was bitter,

it danced around her lips.

The girl was sweet,

she walked with swinging hips.


For a time they conversed,

with a hint of uncomfortable air.

Sweet kept the peace

and Bitter’s nostrils were in flare.


Over time it became quite clear

that they could not get along.

Bitter was full of venom

and Sweet was full of song.


Sweet exuded empathy

for the hate in Bitter’s heart.

Bitter exuded aggression,

tearing Sweet apart.


Sweet changed her name to Stress,

she could not take the pain,

that Bitter insisted giving,

leaving Sweet in the rain.


Just as Sweet changed to Stress,

Bitter began to change too.

Her heart was blackened beyond repair,

then Evil emerged anew.


Evil reduced Stress to Nothing.

At least that’s how she felt.

Evil took pleasure in knowing,

she had one more under belt.


Then Nothing began to realise

she could not sink further.

The only way was up.

And Evil was in for murder.


Nothing changed her name again,

she emerged to the sun as Hope.

As Evil saw her changing,

she knew she would not gloat.


For Hope is neither above or below,

she stands alone instead.

And as she grew taller,

she looked down at Evil’s head.


Evil changed her name again,

she became the face of Pity.

For she knew that her heart

was no longer pretty.


Rather than change to Remorse,

Pity wallowed in her life.

Now every day in every way

she seeks to cause some strife.


Whilst Hope was sad at this,

She did not dwell for long.

For Hope found the world was better

when she sang her old Sweet song.


The purpose of the well intentioned is to appear to do good
Understand the pain of others and help them out the mud

Kindness is prevalent in the moment yet it is fleeting
People soon realise it’s their own problems they should be greeting

The purpose of the do-gooder, is to appear full of hope

At the same time, they pull you up they strangle you with the rope

Understanding is there when no consequence is around
But where consequence lives is where the selfish are found

The purpose of the lover is to love without condition
Deep in their heart they’re concerned only with their mission

Remorse should be shouting from the mouths filled with guilt
When the finger is pointed it’s towards me their hats will tilt

The purpose of the free is to do as they please without restrictions
Once freedom is mine I will be making some convictions

Redemption did exist until it floated out to the sea
Now it’s on the horizon for my lonely eye to see

The purpose of forgiveness is to make peace and grow in strength
So why am I weakening and everyday feeling tense

Commitment cannot exist in a world overrun with self
Sometimes you must stand to see the view from the shelf

The purpose of writing is to make sense of a jumbled mind
My jumble needs the spirit of a like-minded mind

The physical and the spiritual inhibit a different space
Maybe that is why I cannot find my peaceful place.


The food you eat is filled with sugar
80% of shelves carry the bugger
Why do they make this devils’ food?
To keep them rich, to make you lose

Fructose isn’t for the body
The substance turns your body shoddy
Cut it out and you will see
That all of a sudden you feel free

Bad sleep, feeling tired, moods up and down
You’re on the sugar merry go round
In addition to this addictive substance
Are chemicals provided in abundance

Your child is bratty rude and snappy
You’ve tried everything now you’re feeling crappy
If they only eat food from the ground
You’ll find their mood is calm and sound

Whenever we have illness or body aches
We take meds till we hallucinate
One thing that they do not teach
Is that food is a healer, this we must preach

All you have to do is look it up
On videos and healthy books
It’s proven that the meds we take
Make a lot of issues and a lot of cake

Don’t get me wrong there are some
That can relieve a dicky tum
But if it’s longevity that you desire
Clean food and activity is what you require

Don’t keeping funding the corrupted pills
That put rich men on top of hills
The transition to goodness is hard to start
But your body will thank you from the heart

Social media is here to distort your brain
And to stop you thinking so refrain
From obsessing over peoples pages
Looking at ads, statuses and peoples babies

Bring yourself back to the real world
Let your mind become uncurled
See the planet for what it really is
A pot of corruption is where we live

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and all the others
Can recognise your voice, your face and our mothers
Drones of the rich is what we are
They will always watch us from afar

How can football make so many billions
Yet there are homeless people in the millions
How can someones’ divorce be front page news
When the elite of the world hand out abuse

Starving countries, a new war each year
Because all these leaders created fear
The only ones who feel the pain
Are civilians and soldiers who in vain

Try to end the plight of their current life
They don’t want oil, weapons or strife
Why do we have separate nations
When we’re all humans with equal stations

What we must realise
Is we must open up our eyes
We cannot change it from above
But we can promote peace and love