The purpose of the well intentioned is to appear to do good
Understand the pain of others and help them out the mud

Kindness is prevalent in the moment yet it is fleeting
People soon realise it’s their own problems they should be greeting

The purpose of the do-gooder, is to appear full of hope

At the same time, they pull you up they strangle you with the rope

Understanding is there when no consequence is around
But where consequence lives is where the selfish are found

The purpose of the lover is to love without condition
Deep in their heart they’re concerned only with their mission

Remorse should be shouting from the mouths filled with guilt
When the finger is pointed it’s towards me their hats will tilt

The purpose of the free is to do as they please without restrictions
Once freedom is mine I will be making some convictions

Redemption did exist until it floated out to the sea
Now it’s on the horizon for my lonely eye to see

The purpose of forgiveness is to make peace and grow in strength
So why am I weakening and everyday feeling tense

Commitment cannot exist in a world overrun with self
Sometimes you must stand to see the view from the shelf

The purpose of writing is to make sense of a jumbled mind
My jumble needs the spirit of a like-minded mind

The physical and the spiritual inhibit a different space
Maybe that is why I cannot find my peaceful place.



The food you eat is filled with sugar
80% of shelves carry the bugger
Why do they make this devils’ food?
To keep them rich, to make you lose

Fructose isn’t for the body
The substance turns your body shoddy
Cut it out and you will see
That all of a sudden you feel free

Bad sleep, feeling tired, moods up and down
You’re on the sugar merry go round
In addition to this addictive substance
Are chemicals provided in abundance

Your child is bratty rude and snappy
You’ve tried everything now you’re feeling crappy
If they only eat food from the ground
You’ll find their mood is calm and sound

Whenever we have illness or body aches
We take meds till we hallucinate
One thing that they do not teach
Is that food is a healer, this we must preach

All you have to do is look it up
On videos and healthy books
It’s proven that the meds we take
Make a lot of issues and a lot of cake

Don’t get me wrong there are some
That can relieve a dicky tum
But if it’s longevity that you desire
Clean food and activity is what you require

Don’t keeping funding the corrupted pills
That put rich men on top of hills
The transition to goodness is hard to start
But your body will thank you from the heart

Social media is here to distort your brain
And to stop you thinking so refrain
From obsessing over peoples pages
Looking at ads, statuses and peoples babies

Bring yourself back to the real world
Let your mind become uncurled
See the planet for what it really is
A pot of corruption is where we live

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and all the others
Can recognise your voice, your face and our mothers
Drones of the rich is what we are
They will always watch us from afar

How can football make so many billions
Yet there are homeless people in the millions
How can someones’ divorce be front page news
When the elite of the world hand out abuse

Starving countries, a new war each year
Because all these leaders created fear
The only ones who feel the pain
Are civilians and soldiers who in vain

Try to end the plight of their current life
They don’t want oil, weapons or strife
Why do we have separate nations
When we’re all humans with equal stations

What we must realise
Is we must open up our eyes
We cannot change it from above
But we can promote peace and love

Secret Anxiety

At a glance you wouldn’t think I had it

It creeps into my being staying unseen


I didn’t think it was such a bad habit

Then my brain starts to tick and I want to pick


Relief is fleeting I have to grab it

To the mirror I rush in a silent hush


Once it starts I can’t nip and bag it

I scratch to feel then it strains to heal


Any chance I get I still have to nab it

The struggle will stay until I stop the play


The anxiety I just want to stab it

But whilst there’s stress I’ll stay a mess


I get caught I jump like a rabbit

Then justify why I’m low not high


I’ve had enough pass me my jacket

and at the door I pick some more…

Forever Unique

The world makes you feel like your lagging behind

And you end up confined to a box in your mind

If success comes easy it isn’t success

What you want is naked it doesn’t come dressed


Furnish your idea with what you feel

Good or bad from the heart it’s real

Tainted words of jealous eyes

Only make for an uncomfortable ride


Take criticism with a pinch of salt

If others don’t like it it’s not your fault

Individual thoughts are forever unique

As are your words if truth you speak


You can jump on the popular train

But there won’t be much use for your brain

If it’s purely money that you’re after

You’re not a creative you’re a grafter


Van Gough was unknown until he died

Yet he still left a legacy behind

The more you focus on the deeds of others

The more you’ll fall and hide under covers


If I never become a famous writer

I did what I loved to make life lighter

And if no one recalls my written word

I know there were some who truly heard.

None of us are know-it-alls

You have your opinion I have mine

When I state mine you start to whine

You must entertain a thought you do not like
In case it has a bearing on what you fight

If you go in blind then you will see
the thoughts of others too clearly

Pieces of puzzles must be unearthed
For a mindset to be rebirthed

Making assumptions and jumping the gun
Destroying conversations, it’s not fun

Our pride stops us working together
Social media has cemented this forever

We’re too quick to oppose our fellow man
We’d rather break him down than take his hand

Before you’re quick to squash their view
Try to be kind and walk their shoes

Attitude counts for a lot
Don’t let your head get too hot

90% of what happens depends on how you react
Control yourself to be exact

None of us are know-it-alls
We are slaves of the system in overalls



Staring down the barrel of a gun

My life flashes before me

I only feel relief

Then I come back to my senses

And I only feel grief


Looking through the looking glass

I see a different version of myself

I only feel loss

Then I look away again

And wish I gave a toss


Standing on my own two feet

Is becoming too much to bear

I only feel hurt

Then my knees buckle

And I am sat in the dirt


Everything happens for a reason

Is what they always tell me yet

I only feel pain

Why can’t the storm end

And leave me with the rain


Falling asleep at the wheel

Is becoming a common theme

I only want sleep

Why do they have to wake me

And invade my lonely keep


Actions speak louder than words

Is what is rammed down my throat

I only want silence

These voices are too loud

And I want to end them with violence


Love is blind and so is hate

I can no longer see ahead

I only feel confusion

Why does it feel like my life

Is really an illusion?


Curiosity killed the cat

And hung it out to dry

I only feel wonder

Why can’t it be black and white

to still my emotional thunder


You’re killing me with clichés

Is what I had to tell them

I only feel alone

No one could ever understand

Why I love his every bone