Resentful Runaway

What if I actually ran away? Who would have something to say?

Even if they did I could not hear, by that time I could be in South Korea

People need to address their issues, instead of using all the tissues

We all have stuff going on, so stop dragging me along

to your hateful world of excuses and lies, I have tried to help lord knows I’ve tried

Entitlement is the topic of discussion, me again, the emotional cushion

Why do I allow myself to be so loyal? When my dreams and plans they want to foil?

Loved ones lie and bury heads, whilst I speak the truth until I’m dead

Their actions will be the death of me, I’m almost there just look and see

Working from morning until the night, working the weekend and missing light

Juggling commitments and a home, I’m being ground to the bone

When was the last time I did something for me? Made myself fill up with glee?

In all honesty I can’t remember, my mind lives in that dark December

That month I thought my life was great, until a cloud descended with my fate

It transpired that I was blind and loyalty exists only in the mind

No matter what ‘good’ people do, they will find the time to puncture you

in one ear and the other, this is why I can’t become a mother

Unconditional love is a thing of beauty but it is also a dangerous thing of duty

Mothers, fathers, daughter and son, I did not ask for anyone

so why do I exist in this draining place, full of anger and distaste?

They do not need me and my opinion, yet they need me and my opinion

They do not think I am one of power, yet they call me in their low hour

They do not think I can think or speak, yet it’s me they call when they meet defeat

They do not think that I know, yet I always know just on the low

I don’t see faces I see souls and I can see that they’re not whole

I don’t see their anger or their rage, I see someone lost, trapped in a cage

I don’t see their judgement or their reason, but often I can see their treason

I don’t see them haughty or their higher level, I just see a mind that is disheveled

I can’t help but wonder what would be, if I let myself be true and free

what would become of these traitors? These secret self loathing haters?

Would they wonder where I ran? Would they find me and do all they can?

Hell to the N to the inevitable O, this life is just a one man show

rest assured when I eventually break, I will be the one to seal my fate

and I can guarantee you won’t be there, involving yourself in my affairs

I become that girl you knew, the one with rage who was always true


so universe please answer this…can you fulfill my only wish?

Make me a resentful runaway and in one place I will never stay.







Bitter & Sweet

The woman was bitter,

it danced around her lips.

The girl was sweet,

she walked with swinging hips.


For a time they conversed,

with a hint of uncomfortable air.

Sweet kept the peace

and Bitter’s nostrils were in flare.


Over time it became quite clear

that they could not get along.

Bitter was full of venom

and Sweet was full of song.


Sweet exuded empathy

for the hate in Bitter’s heart.

Bitter exuded aggression,

tearing Sweet apart.


Sweet changed her name to Stress,

she could not take the pain,

that Bitter insisted giving,

leaving Sweet in the rain.


Just as Sweet changed to Stress,

Bitter began to change too.

Her heart was blackened beyond repair,

then Evil emerged anew.


Evil reduced Stress to Nothing.

At least that’s how she felt.

Evil took pleasure in knowing,

she had one more under belt.


Then Nothing began to realise

she could not sink further.

The only way was up.

And Evil was in for murder.


Nothing changed her name again,

she emerged to the sun as Hope.

As Evil saw her changing,

she knew she would not gloat.


For Hope is neither above or below,

she stands alone instead.

And as she grew taller,

she looked down at Evil’s head.


Evil changed her name again,

she became the face of Pity.

For she knew that her heart

was no longer pretty.


Rather than change to Remorse,

Pity wallowed in her life.

Now every day in every way

she seeks to cause some strife.


Whilst Hope was sad at this,

She did not dwell for long.

For Hope found the world was better

when she sang her old Sweet song.

The Power of Silence

newproject_2_originalPeople want to be heard and they use words and gestures to achieve this (duh). If they do not receive the response or attention they want, they may raise their voices louder and make grander gestures. Whilst this is an obvious point to make about humans, it is often forgotten that silence can be even more powerful.

A typical example is bartering. A proposition is made to buy something for £10. The proposition is declined and a counter offer is made of £20. This is declined and the buyer asks to meet in the middle at £15. The seller pauses to consider this and a silence is created. If the buyer assumes in the silence that the seller is going to say no, he may break the silence and say, ‘what about £17.50?’. The seller is immediately happier as the price is nearer to his original asking price. Had the buyer let the silence hang in the air, the seller may have concluded that it was in fact reasonable to meet in the middle at £15. This art of negotiation can be used for anything, as long as silence is utilised effectively.


If you ask someone a direct question, always leave it to them to break the silence, otherwise you disturb their thought process and inadvertently end up where you didn’t want to be. Silences like this can be majorly uncomfortable, although once you see the rewards of staying silent, you will find things go your way more often and it is easier to do. The reason for this is that the respondent often feels pressured to answer a direct question quickly and are therefore more likely to  please in haste. In a sense, it is ruthless, however, this skill is beneficial in official settings such as debates, business and protests.

Another way that silence is powerful is when someone or a group of people are attempting to tear you down, either mentally, physically, or both. This behaviour is mainly rooted in jealousy. Jealousy is just as powerful as silence, but it is a negative emotion that can be destructive. If someone calls you a name or spreads hate about you, the worst thing you can do is respond. As soon as that response is made you are in the same categories as them, petty and childish. Remember…

‘Queens don’t leave their thrones for peasants throwing stones’


The people who know you personally will not pay attention to such comments anyway and any external people who feed hateful behaviour are not worth your time. We live in a politically correct yet judgemental society which is for the most part ‘noisy’. This means silence is now our greatest power. Show people how to behave and progress by focusing on enjoying and furthering your own life. Don’t brag just live! We’re not all born with thick skin but we are born with the ability to be indifferent. In time, the negatives will realise that they are not going to get the response they want from you and that they look more and more ridiculous each time they attempt to strip you of your worth. Let them show the world who they are. Your silence speaks louder than their voice ever could.


This is applicable to other situations, such as people trying to engage you in negative conversations. If Sandra tells you that she can’t stand Sharon for X, Y and Z reasons, but you like Sharon, don’t sell her out just for the bants. If you stay silent, Sandra will be forced to reconsider if what she just said was appropriate or not. She may continue venting in your silence, or she may pause, think and then break the silence by back tracking, ‘but Sharon’s alright really’. Lols. Engaging in negative conversations about others does not result in positive outcome for yourself. Your circle is representative of who you are, so use your silence to reveal people.

Silence is also an educator for children. It can be majorly frustrating when a child misbehaves or simply won’t listen. Many parents get into the routine of telling their kids off and even arguing with them to stop bad behaviour. The easiest tool to use is…silence!


This must be backed up with all the willpower you can muster though. Children want attention and they do that by making noise. If you stay silent they will get louder and if you give in at this point then silence can no longer be your weapon of education. However, if you stay silent and let the child’s noise levels peak (even if they’re screaming!) they won’t be able to sustain it in your silence.

20170414_133905No words, no eye contact, no moving them or yourself away. Just still silence. As children’s attention spans are short, they will eventually move on to doing something else. Stay silent until they show a positive action or say positive words. Doing this consistently builds into the child’s consciousness that if they do positive things they will get a positive response. If they do negative things, it will isolate them. Let’s face it, that’s how it is in the adult world and if they grow up with this skill, they will use it effectively in their adult lives. Win win!

So, there you go, a few ways to make silence your all conquering friend.