Poetry Corner

 Lest we forget

The reason we remember cannot be forgot

They gave up their lives to give us a lot

When I was a child my grandmother said

They had to sleep in the pantry instead of the bed


Bombs rained down as they huddled close

The sound of sirens scared her the most

Hours on end they sat in the dark

Waiting for light and hope to spark


Grandad Bob told me that when he was five

His family were lucky to be alive

As the Germans attacked the English coast

He was running and was scared the most


My Grandad on my father’s side

Was fifteen and he could not hide

So he ran away to join the fight

So that our generation could live in light


Don’t get caught up in your freedom

For we may have to rise next

None of us want war…

…but these leaders are getting vexed

The Silent & Selfish

It would be nice to pick and choose what I get involved in

Other people appear to have choice
They reach their ends by making friends then take away your voice.

At any time the soul, not mine, pops up to say life is wrong
I don’t see the justification
They flew away to just one day come back to take your station.

Of this feeling I am reeling I am not a submissive human
I don’t understand your being
Do you think for a minor stint you have been living in a dream?

My reality and my fealty no longer reside where you think
Keep a reasonable space
I have been open and somewhat a token…
…make sure you remember your place.

Measure of me

My words are a river, my thoughts are the sea

Droplets of musings for all to see

They reveal only what I want them to

You think you know but you never knew

The measure of me you have not

You stir my words in your shit pot

And create a new meaning of what I am

I’m the ram and you’re the lamb

Don’t forget to stay your place…

…be cautious of this angelic face

In the same minute, I smell like flowers

You’ll be dust, I’ll take your powers

My words sting, a nettle no rash

Straight to the heart I create that gash

Power is knowing where fear will hide

And in your fear… is where I reside


Scotland Bound

Rest assured I know our isles

They cover no more than a 1000 miles
From the North of England to the South
I’ve seen every sheep and river mouth

Back up the country to visit Wales
It’s as pretty as the Yorkshire Dales
Across to Ireland I then travelled
And my secret trips began to unravel

‘How have you not been to Scotland?!’ she said
As I sit cross legged on my Mother’s bed
‘Don’t blame me, you never took me!,
but now I am going and I feel lucky’

The tripod attempt to commence
The trip costing 8000 pence
With the two Lucy’s, Nic and Abbey
We’ll do the six hour drive most gladly

Across the border we shall roam
And a lodge in a loch we’ll call home
Drinking, dancing and telling jokes
The rest of the camp will think we’re blokes

In the midst of hardwork and waiting for Santa
We will have some epic banter
Our raincoats and boots are at the ready
To traverse Scotland in rain so heavy

Winter is coming

The sky turns whiter

as the wind turns cold

Autumn is fading

and it can’t hold


The withering leaves of summer gone by

The ground is wet, no longer dry

Icy mornings and breathing steam

soon we’ll be in a winter dream


Of woolly jumpers

and knitted gloves

Decorations and

two white doves


Dark mornings and dark nights

we wish back for summer nights

Why I wonder? Winter is charming

On quiet mornings it’s more than calming


Enjoy the snow for

its not dire

At least try be

a winter trier

Walking alone

Cold nights and dark mornings remind us of being human
That prickle on the back of your neck
As you walk with no sound, ears to the ground
You have to turn back round to check

That no predators are on the hunt
Ears straining for hint of a creeper
You feel to defend and ready to offend
If they come you’ll press that beeper

It will screech the night and alert someone
To your crying call for help
After the creeper has pounced they will bounce
And on your own you’ll yelp

You come back to your thoughts that ran away
Your imagination goes wild
When you’re on your own and on your phone
Your nerves are anything but mild

Then you arrive home to your beloved ones
And they ask how went your stride
You think for a sec, your bag you check

…and you say ‘yes it was fine!’


‘What do they want?’ I say to myself, my mind full of wonder

When I want them they rain on me and send the full force of their thunder

Is it nice to be nice when nine times of ten they tend to just ignore me?

I would like to explain, except their brains can’t entertain what I see.


If you’re loud and proud pushing on they ponder but say nothing

If you ‘re a recluse and want a noose they have nails for your coffin

You try to be the bigger person, breaching the benefit of doubt

You help them out, they scream and shout and ask what you’re all about.


Back and forth, forward and back this track has no ending

To and fro, high and low and it’s from my back I’m bending

For people who position themselves in prime priority places

From my view and I’ve seen a few, fake friends have many faces


If they’re distant, close or always there, an avalanche of ache awaits

Supreme, mean or a friendly queen, you may not always be mates

Agendas are the governance of life, they ruin love and laughter

I just want a free friendship that will last to the hereafter.

It’s my business

Will you tell me what is going on?

Why are you chirping a birds sweet song?
Is this about that time that you were gone?
Come, tell me what is going on.

I understand why you question me so
For I am high and before I was low
Just know I feel good and ready to go
My truths are not for you to wallow

Oh stop being vague and putting me out
Sit down and tell me what it is all about
For we are friends there is not doubt
Why do you disapprove and pull a pout?

My friend you are and do not dwell
On my life when it is going swell
We all have things we do not tell
There is no rat there is no smell

Pardon me for leaning in
On your secret life in the biscuit tin
But yes you are right and it is fitting
That on your secret you continue sitting

One day I will reveal all
And you won’t understand at all
Just know that if I am down on my luck
I will pick myself up and write a book


Velheim says…

Naive is to say, ‘I love you warts and all’

Honesty would say, ‘but you drive me up the wall’
Jealousy does not speak, I am not that way inclined
Adoration spoke next, ‘I can’t get you off my mind’
Vengeful popped up to put you in your place
Forgiveness rang me and I said ‘I just need some space’
Hope came along and I saw you quite clearly
Determined told me I should be with you yearly
Reason then cried ‘you guys are all crazy!’
For reason knew we would go through this daily.

Monday Blues

Monday can be a dread for those on 9 to 5

But what is wrong with having structure to life?
If you work hard and are good at your job
And you don’t feel the need to ring in and blob

Then just go to work and get your money
A guaranteed payday is sweeter than honey
If it does become tiresome and you wish you weren’t there
Then maybe its time to rearrange your affairs

Nothing is worse than wishing days away
So if you don’t think your graft is worth your pay
Take the plunge into something new
As long as you’re happy and just doing you

Sleepy Tuesday

At night I disapprove of your presence

Until my eyelids droop

Then I succumb to your calling

And play in the REM loop

In the morning I love you and wish you’d stay longer

Just five minutes more

Then the alarm blares my ears

And life feels like a chore

By lunchtime you have left my mind

The wide awake world now has me

Then at 2pm after I have dined

The Z’s start to attack me

This afternoon you filled my mind with pillows and faraway places

A soft place to lay my head

I shall see you shortly in dreamland Sleep

When I go home to my much loved bed

Last day of Summer

Oh how we moan on the last day of Summer
of the sun setting on our fun
Oh how we stutter and then start to mutter
and we sit there feeling all glum

But on the first day of Fall
we do have it all, just look at all the hues
The sky is pink and to be honest I think
it was you who created your blues

So step outside in the fresh of air
to appreciate nature, it’s dazing
You might be at work and yes it might hurt
but through the window it still looks amazing

Let them go

You have to learn to let them go, if they don’t know now they’ll never know

People reap what they sow and they do not like seeing others grow

If you’re being humble, trying to say sorry

and they still trample you like a 2 tonne lorry

Step back and ask, ‘what have I done wrong? Made an effort all along?’

If this is your case and you’ve been true, don’t let these people bother you

If the grass is green they’ll say its blue, just to disagree with you

Those who build superior walls, are really saying they have no balls

They fear you and what’s in your mind, for they know the truth you’ll always find

You need to see that they do not matter…

No one hears their footsteps patter…

No one takes note of what they natter…

and one day soon they’ll miss your chatter

Head held high just keep on moving, they can’t see the soul their losing

Those who want you under thumb, are sad, lonely, pathetic and dumb.

Things I hate
People always thinking things are directed at them, abusive men, feeling poorly and weak, cars that beep, undisciplined children, women who give me dirty looks, humid weather, bad cooks, never wrongs, string thongs, overly happy couples living in bubbles, split ends, liars, being someone’s last option, noisy dryers, people who have to know every little thing, people who sing but can’t sing, those who listen with the intent to reply, manipulators, skin that’s dry, any form of discrimination, unhygienic people, bitty floors, broken doors, people who give up after one try, slow internet, pesky flies, people who are loud to get attention, when they get credit and I don’t get a mention, people who talk over me when I’m talking, or walk too slow when I’m walking, people who can’t agree to disagree…
…they’re the things I hate, that’s just me.

I see you

When my life is happy, you say nothing of support

When my life is sad, you become the judge of the court

In your mind you cannot be wrong

You know answers to life

And I hear you clearly, you are a lonely housewife


When my life is happy, you say I am never there

When my life is sad, you fuss and say that you care

These words and gifts you offer me

Are lovely to others

But I know what you are doing…and so do my brothers


When my life is happy, to you I do not exist

When my life is sad, you are on me like a cyst

You say you know what I should do

To turn my life around

But I know you well and I know your evil knows no bounds


When my life is happy, you prefer to stay away

When my life is sad, you suddenly spring to me, May

You deceive those who surround you

And claim you live in light

But I see you plainly and your dark eyes are full of spite


When my life is happy, you are nowhere to be seen

When my life is sad, you start to wave like the queen

You ‘listen’, intent to reply

I detest your gabber

And I feel your intention, resentful backstabber


When my life is happy, you try punch it with your fist

When my life is sad, you tell me you are in bliss

You indirect me each day

With an air, haughty grace

But I see right through you and I see your jealous face


When my life is happy, you keep yourself to yourself

When my life is sad, you try chip away at my health

I see the mask hiding your face

you are nothing but fake

I said I see you, you are a manipulative snake




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