The food you eat is filled with sugar
80% of shelves carry the bugger
Why do they make this devils’ food?
To keep them rich, to make you lose

Fructose isn’t for the body
The substance turns your body shoddy
Cut it out and you will see
That all of a sudden you feel free

Bad sleep, feeling tired, moods up and down
You’re on the sugar merry go round
In addition to this addictive substance
Are chemicals provided in abundance

Your child is bratty rude and snappy
You’ve tried everything now you’re feeling crappy
If they only eat food from the ground
You’ll find their mood is calm and sound

Whenever we have illness or body aches
We take meds till we hallucinate
One thing that they do not teach
Is that food is a healer, this we must preach

All you have to do is look it up
On videos and healthy books
It’s proven that the meds we take
Make a lot of issues and a lot of cake

Don’t get me wrong there are some
That can relieve a dicky tum
But if it’s longevity that you desire
Clean food and activity is what you require

Don’t keeping funding the corrupted pills
That put rich men on top of hills
The transition to goodness is hard to start
But your body will thank you from the heart

Social media is here to distort your brain
And to stop you thinking so refrain
From obsessing over peoples pages
Looking at ads, statuses and peoples babies

Bring yourself back to the real world
Let your mind become uncurled
See the planet for what it really is
A pot of corruption is where we live

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and all the others
Can recognise your voice, your face and our mothers
Drones of the rich is what we are
They will always watch us from afar

How can football make so many billions
Yet there are homeless people in the millions
How can someones’ divorce be front page news
When the elite of the world hand out abuse

Starving countries, a new war each year
Because all these leaders created fear
The only ones who feel the pain
Are civilians and soldiers who in vain

Try to end the plight of their current life
They don’t want oil, weapons or strife
Why do we have separate nations
When we’re all humans with equal stations

What we must realise
Is we must open up our eyes
We cannot change it from above
But we can promote peace and love


Author: Defined by Thrine

'The times they are a-changin' A passionate writer without an agenda History undergraduate Speak freely, listen intently #moreyinthanyang #healthydebates Enjoy...Defined by Thrine.

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