Why you’re not losing weight

wp-1486578798184.jpgThis can be answered with one simple sentence, ‘because you are dieting’. If diets worked, then the dieting industry wouldn’t be worth £2 billion in the UK alone. Diets are created to make money. The sooner you realise this the sooner you will lose weight and save yourself money. In reality they are in fact a quick fix. Meal replacement shakes such as slim fast should get your alarm bells ringing. ‘Meal replacement’…hmm, why would you want to replace a meal? The concept is of course based on restricting calories, or removing certain foods from your eating habits, such as those containing fats and carbohydrates. Your body needs these to function properly so cutting them from your eating is only going to be detrimental to you. The majority of foods we buy from supermarkets are processed and full of sugar. Even light or low fat options contain scary amounts of sugar which majorly contribute to weight gain. Look at these two Greek yoghurts from the same manufacturer. One is full fat and other is fat free. Shockingly, the low fat option has more sugar than the full fat one.




Consuming too much sugar causes metabolic dysfunction resulting in weight gain and high blood pressure. This is how ‘healthy’ food manufacturers make their money. By selling to an uneducated public. People hear the word ‘fat’ or ‘carbohydrate’ and think they are bad things. Good carbs like those from wholegrains keep your hunger pangs at bay because they release energy slowly. They also have a lower amount of starch than white grains. Starch is another ingredient that can cause blood sugar levels to go haywire. Look at cans of pop (for which I have a personal hatred), a can of Coca Cola has almost three teaspoons of sugar in it, more than what most people put in a brew! If you start to look at the sugar content of pre-packaged foods in the supermarkets, you will recoil in horror. It is in everything! Sadly, the rise of the processed food industry and fast food chains has made us a lazy society. Many households just cannot be bothered to cook food from scratch or be concerned at all by their unhealthy lifestyle.


Natural food can be a great healer and I would recommend anyone to test this for just four weeks (note: the first week you will likely get withdrawal symptoms). The results to your wellbeing will be mind blowing. The reason for this is that many of us continually have sugar crashes every day without realising it, that’s what makes us negative, moody and run down. We are a society of sugar addicts. I strongly recommend clicking the link below to the sugar documentary so you can see the seriousness of this.

Many people I have spoken to about eating say they don’t eat healthy because they don’t like being hungry. Processed foods are designed to make people overeat and to ensure they remain sugar addicts. The simple fact is sugar makes people lazy. They are lazy because they are stuffed full of sugar, saturated fat and additives. The human body is not meant to be filled to the brim with food and chemicals 24/7. It is a machine that requires fuel to function. If you put too much petrol in your car it will spill out. If you put too much food in your body, you will be sick or gain weight. If you don’t put petrol in your car will not work. If you do not put food in your body, it will not work! So the aim is to get the right food in your body at the right time. Complex wholegrains give you energy, Vegetables give you antioxidants, protein builds muscle, good fats protect your organs and water assists cell renewal. It is a simple as that and I am completely unqualified!


Once you have changed your processed lifestyle to a healthy one, you will undoubtedly gain extra energy. Use this to get your fitness going. Social media is overwhelmed with gym buffs and it can be a little daunting at first. Use their experience to your advantage by imitating workouts and pinching ideas. Fitness has to be built up bit by bit, you won’t have muscle or a leaner frame overnight. Willpower, willingness and four hours a week is all you need to start. If the gym is too much to bear then power walk, hike, take up a sport, go swimming or anything else you can think of. Even an hours gardening will cause you to sweat and you feel accomplished after. My favourite tool when starting out was YouTube. It is riddled with workouts for all abilities.


So, before you reach for Weight Watchers pre packed food heed this warning; it is a temporary fix. Keeping weight off comes naturally when leading a consistent healthy lifestyle. To do this you need to muster all the willpower you can, otherwise you may cave and get stuck back in the sugar cycle. Food is either healthy or it isn’t and it comes down to choice. If you mange to make the transition, the greatest benefit is not only the new body you will acquire, it is the sense of achievement, increased confidence and a healthier you.


Author: Defined by Thrine

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