Super 60 Challenge

wp-1473876129709.jpgWorking out is hard, it has to be for you to see results. Ten months into my fitness I am more than happy with my progress, although I do know in my heart that I could be much further on if I was more disciplined with my workouts and eating. It is the time of year where we put on a little tub to help us through the winter. My appetite has gone into overdrive and I am handling this by munching on myprotein brownies, pancakes and powder, rather than sweeties from the shop and greasy takeaways (okay I have had a few!). Another battle is the cold dark nights and mornings that keep us in our beds storing that additional energy. After creating a food baby last week, I was relieved to hear that 2tshirtgang were having a another event called ‘Super 60’. All I knew before arriving is that it was some sort of circuit.

2tshirtgang’s weekly Snapchat

The night before I was dressed as Mario and drunkenly dancing with my Luigi, so you can imagine the pain I faced in the morning getting up to work out with the gang! They had secured the use of Core Gym just for the event so there was more than enough workout gear for us all to play with. Due to gym restrictions with regard to age, this event was adults only. I felt this was a good idea as you do have to focus during a circuit and children may have been a distraction.


So on entering the hall, fire_wilz, r1trin and miss_jona were waiting for us with big smiles. They explained that the circuit consisted of four workout stations. Each station had four exercises and each one was to be completed in 30 seconds before moving onto the next. I could see that each station and the workouts within them were clearly labelled to make moving round hassle free. To put all the participants at ease, fire_wilz demonstrated the form for each exercise and r1trin gave us a good warm up in preparation for the circuit. Miss_jona was the perfect hostess and her enthusiasm for the event was infectious.

Myself and Deneka started on Station 2 with planking, jack knives, flutter kicks and side twists. Weights were provided in case anyone wished to challenge themselves a bit more. As I only tend to do 10-15 minute hiit sessions after my weights, I knew I would find this circuit challenging so I omitted the weights. Station 3 had a floor ladder for quick feet, cones to run around, then jumping squats and skipping. Station 4 was weighted ropes, resistance bands for shoulders/arms, press-ups and burpees. Station 1 where we ended was balance squats, wall squats, the stepper and lunges. I found round one relatively easy, although I was dripping with sweat! During round two I started to feel the burn in my thighs. Thankfully the rest of my body seemed to be coping fine and I realised I can do much more than I initially thought!


The final round was very challenging. So challenging that I started to be tactical by choosing to start with the workout I found hardest on each station. These were flutter kicks, jumping squats, resistance bands and balance squats. Just as I was about to give up on some of the workouts, one of the gang dropped next to me and did the same move to spur me on. This worked a treat as I am a little proud and I do not like to fail. The gang took it in turns to motivate us, time the workouts and also film the event. Their attention to detail meant that there were not any delays or interruptions, just good sweaty, circuit vibes!

It was during the last round that I felt my pain barrier break and my mental strength took over the workout. By the end of it I felt I could have gone a couple more rounds! I realised this circuit was exactly what I needed to start progressing my fitness further. Once you have made progress and changed your body it is easy to become complacent and that is exactly what I had been doing. If I had not attended this event I would not have realised, so thank you 2tshirtgang for keeping me on point! Keep an eye on their Instagram for the next event and add fire_wilz, r1trin and miss_jona on Snapchat for all your motivational needs.


Author: Defined by Thrine

'The times they are a-changin' A passionate writer without an agenda History undergraduate Speak freely, listen intently #moreyinthanyang #healthydebates Enjoy...Defined by Thrine.

2 thoughts on “Super 60 Challenge”

  1. That’s so awesome that even after a party the night before (I have to admit your drunken dance clip was adorable) that you made yourself get up and do that workout. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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