You’re Superior…I hear ya!

wp-1474716259615.jpgWe have all met someone that thinks they are super important. As soon as you meet them they just constantly talk about themselves and they may ask you just one question to make it seem like they are interested in you too. Really they are just trying to keep you interested in them! It is good to know your worth, however, nobody wants to sit and listen to you talking about yourself for an hour. Haughty people try to make it seem like they are one step ahead of everyone else, or privy to top secret information that they could not possibly reveal to you…no matter how much they mention it. Another trait they have is lying or stretching the truth to draw attention to what they did…or said they did!

Now superior strangers can be quite entertaining. If you are feeling a little mischievous then have some fun and play them at their own game. Let them talk about themselves for a looooong time and nod along enthusiastically and impressed. Then in your response make up a boat load of stuff you have done (which blows theirs out of the water) and throw it in their surprised, jealous face. Yes, this is the slightly evil blogger side coming out of me…but I am sure you agree, some people more than deserve a taste of their own medicine or need to be knocked down a peg or two.


Superior friends can pose more of a problem. The majority of us are cautious and only make friends with those we feel happy and comfortable around. If you gravitate towards people that can be quite mean to you and others, then you need to check your self-esteem levels, as it is likely you need to be led because you don’t have the confidence to lead yourself. Anyway I digress…

…. sometimes existing friends can change their mood from a sweet friendly one to a superior ‘I am going to look down on you for the rest of your life’ type of manner. This is usually due to a significant life event such as a promotion, new baby, a lottery win, or they themselves may have been restrained by another superior and are now channelling their annoying spirit. A common example is when someone has a child for the first time and you do not. They will say things like ‘until you have a child YOU JUST DON’T KNOW’…no I don’t…and I don’t want to…and I don’t care about your brat either… is what usually springs to mind! If it is a promotion they will have a permanent serious face plastered on and they may even change the way they talk to sound more ‘professional’. Whatever it maybe, we all know it is annoying. Just rest assured that their head will deflate eventually and they will float back down to Earth seeking your original friendship.


If they hurt you whilst going through their ‘royal’ phase by lying or being dismissive of you, then you have every right to tell them to sod off for good. However, there are some people in your life that deserve the benefit of doubt. Sometimes excitement or success sends those we love a little crazy and they need to just go through the motions and get it out of their system. If you can help speed things along just be cautious you do not end up being blamed for anything. I personally would leave them to their own devices and let them dig their holes elsewhere.


So a word of warning…if you have a life event that makes you feel like your stood on Everest…then be humble about it, for that is the most admirable way to carry yourself. If you are enjoying your experiences and successes, then you have no reason to brag or rub it in anyone else’s face. Of course it is different if you are asked about it…talk away!

Nobody is untouchable so be mindful how you treat those around you on your way up, for the universe may decide you deserve a back hand and you will get pooped on… on the way back down.


Author: Defined by Thrine

'The times they are a-changin' A passionate writer without an agenda History undergraduate Speak freely, listen intently #moreyinthanyang #healthydebates Enjoy...Defined by Thrine.

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