‘The GANG that CAN’

There are numerous fitness groups you can follow on the internet and countless diet plans you can restrict yourself with, so it is no wonder that people tend to flit from one to another. It can be difficult to eat healthy and incorporate workouts into your life, when trying to change your habits for the first time. Everyone around you becomes a personal trainer and a nutritionist overnight, resulting in you feeling confused and deflated. This can and does contribute to people just giving up on improving their lifestyle, as it all seems too complicated. It was for this reason I started my fitness journey alone, until the creation of…


wp-1473876129709.jpgYou may have glimpsed them on Instagram or Snapchat and assumed they are two guys and a gal that just workout…but OMG they are so much more than that.

Do you ever wish you had a daily motivator that didn’t incur the costs of a personal trainer? How about something you just click and it helps improve not only your body but also your mind? If you answer yes, then this is the gang for you. What sets them apart is their tagline…


It is about making your own journey and taking it at your own pace. One idea of beauty is not achievable and the gang passionately promote that we should all be the best versions of ourselves. However, they understand that the road to a healthy body and mind can be long and lonely. All the existing fitness DVDs, books, online businesses/channels etc all show what you will look like at the end of their programme. From the moment you buy it you are on your own. It is up to you to motivate yourself to actually get up and do it! With #2Tshirtgang, they are with you every step of the way and all you have to do is add them on Snapchat! Each day they focus on helping you achieve in a different area of your life, which makes participating enjoyable.


I decided to invite them over for a chat and dig down into the details of what they are really about.

Cue Fire_Wilz, R1trin and Miss_Jona for 10 questions with Defined by Thrine…

Defined by Thrine: 1. From what I can see you are already fit, so why did you start the gang?

Fire_Wilz: The #2Tshirtgang movement began because myself and Trin used to go the gym regularly together for over almost 3 years. When it became constant we started to set goals and we just kept smashing them every day. It was during one such challenge that we thought of starting a gang, the #2tshirtgang!

Miss_Jona: They’d ring me from the gym and say you are not sweating enough if you don’t need two t-shirts! That is how the name was born.

Fire_Wilz: Yeah we work out that hard we need two t-shirts. If you don’t leave in your second t-shirt you haven’t worked out hard enough!

Defined by Thrine: 2. What keeps you committed to promoting and growing the gang?

R1trin: For me personally it is about looking after myself. The #2Tshirtgang lifestyle makes me feel good, it keeps me in shape and it relieves stress.  That’s what makes me want to share it with everyone else. Why would you not want to look after your body and mind?

Fire_Wilz: Going to the gym is the easier part, it is getting into the right mindset that is difficult. After work or first thing in the morning it can be a struggle to motivate yourself. That is why we work on the body just as much as the mind. We get people in the zone.

R1trin: And it is about longevity. You should be able to do what you can do now when you enter your twilight years.

Defined by Thrine: 3. Why is the tagline #improvementnotperfection important?

R1trin: You have to be realistic with yourself. You can’t say ‘I want a body like Cristiano Ronaldo’. That is not going to happen. He gets paid to work, he has to live that lifestyle daily. We go to work through the day and have other factors at play, so it is not realistic to follow a regime like his.

Fire_Wilz: It’s about being the best version of you. Improvement not perfection because perfection does not exist. We shouldn’t be worrying about what other people look like, that is unique to them. The only ideal picture of perfection is you being yourself.

Defined by Thrine: Miss_Jona, what are your views on body image from a female perspective?

Miss-Jona: Everyone is different so you can only look like yourself. Accepting this fact depends on your mindset. Social media can make us think we have to conform to certain type of body shape. I ignore all that completely, as I know I can only be me.

Defined by Thrine: 4. What advice would you give to someone who is new to fitness and nervous about starting in the gym?

Fire_Wilz: You have to get your mind right and realise that you’re not there to concentrate on what other people are doing. Also, you don’t need to join a gym to work out, you can do it at home. If you do want to go to the gym but are scared, then try get someone to go with you the first few times until you are happy with your routine. This will build your confidence. And don’t jump into it and overwhelm yourself, there has to be progress steps.

Defined by Thrine: 5. What are your favourite workouts?

Miss Jona: Burpees!

R1trin: I like a mixture, I don’t really like focusing on one particular workout.

Fire_Wilz: I prefer working with my own body weight, it is the best workout for me.

L to R: Fire_Wilz, R1trin, Miss_Jona & Defined by Thrine

Defined by Thrine: 6. Who is the strongest?

Rtrin: Fire_Wilz has a stronger chest, I have stronger arms. But we challenge each other. It depends how you feel on the day too.

Fire_Wilz: Yeah we do. If we do a circuit, we always try to beat each other’s times. It keeps us motivated.

Defined by Thrine: 7. Would you have a fitness contest?

Fire_Wilz: We do every time we go to the gym! You have to challenge yourself.

Defined by Thrine: 8. What are the long term goals of the gang?

Fire_Wilz: Just to bring it to everyone, our community…our country…the world! We are letting people know we are not just about fitness, we are a movement that empowers not just the body but also the mind. If someone asks you to say three positive things about yourself, you should be able to say them without hesitation. It takes hard work, consistency and determination in the gym to get fit. This should be applied to every area of life, such as your relationship or work. We are also looking to do motivational speaking to reach as many people as possible. Teaching the youth about this whilst in school will help them build confidence and in turn their futures.

Miss_Jona: Mine personally is to help and empower other women in all areas of their lives.

Defined by Thrine: 9. My mum is keen to come to your next event but she is worried she won’t be ale to keep up at 60 years old. What reassurance can you offer her?

We tailor our events so everyone can participate. For instance, during the 1.1 mile uphill event everyone had the option to run, jog or walk. Progress is an individual thing. Someone who walked the event may have never walked 1.1 mile before, so they are already improving their lifestyle just by doing that. It is not about keeping up with everyone else, it is about keeping up with yourself.

Defined by Thrine: 10. And finally, which is the best blog in the world?

All: Defined by Thrine of course!

In closing, I went to the gangs first event and I have to say…I was impressed. The positive vibes in the air were infectious and each and every person was greeted personally by the gang. They ensured the route of the event was clearly signposted, they encouraged each person on the way round and they even made sure every person had a bottle of water! What I was most surprised at was the age of the participants. The youngest was 1 years old and the eldest was knocking 60, thus proving that this gang really is for everyone. I would like to thank them personally for keeping me motivated every day…thanks #2tshirtgang!


….so now you are familiar with ‘The GANG that CAN’, add them on Snapchat and start your journey today –> Fire_Wilz, R1trin and Miss_Jona… we salute you.

Insta- @#2tshirtgang


L to R: Fire_Wilz, R1trin, Miss_Jona & Defined by Thrine

See the gang in action here ↓


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