Despite what you may think of this post when you have read it, I am not here to make anyone feel uncomfortable, guilty or any type of way. This is just my opinion of the most enjoyable free activity humans get to partake in. It has not been influenced by anything but my own experiences and situations I have witnessed other people go through.  So if you are 16 or over read on…in fact whatever age you are read on!

Whether it is fast, slow, hardcore, fetish or strictly missionary, sex is a spiritual act. We all have an external aura which attracts other humans in different ways depending on our own aura. If you get butterflies or that deep heat feeling in your groin when you meet someone of the opposite sex (blush), your aura is already being immersed in theirs. The chemical reaction this causes in the brain whether it be love or lust can drive us to take things that one step further, without really considering how it will impact our spirit. I always harp on about having a sense of self and the act of sex can either be uplifting or damaging for your spirit.


It is this intertwining of our individual selves that makes sex spiritual and like everything in this world, there is cause and effect. When we are a little lost in life, we often look for comfort and human interaction on a sexual level, which can be  mentally and physically relieving. If you do have a one night stand and wake up in the morning feeling awkward and slightly ashamed of yourself, it is because your spiritual self was disapproving of your actions. We must love ourselves completely before giving that part of ourselves away. If we do not, then other people’s auras become our control…they stick to us like…something sticky…and we start to feel needy and unwanted. This is how some people end up having a one night stand every weekend. They are stuck in a cycle of self-loathing. Please note this is applicable to both men and women!

If you have strong mental barriers, or you perceive sex as a purely physical activity, then you may have different partners regularly and be unapologetic about it. This is not an issue providing the other person has this mindset too. If you are like this but tend to sleep with individuals who are trying to fill a void, then you must stop, as you are damaging their self-esteem even more. If someone is clearly half cut, drugged up or vulnerable then help them get home safely, do not damage their spirit further by targeting them for your sordid needs.


We all have different sides to our personalities and they come out of us as and when we need them to. When you start a relationship with someone new, you will only see the aspects of their personality that they want you to see. Naturally, we want new partners to only see the good sides of us, the light we exude rather the darkness we keep hidden. It would be preferable to abstain from sex until you have had chance to perceive each part of someone. Whatever they hold on the inside spiritually will inevitably be absorbed by your own spirit during sex. If theirs is detrimental to yours in anyway, you will be facing months of healing and cleansing once that relationship ends. Some people never heal because they do not realise what has happened to them and they are left with anger, sadness and heartache. If you have truly had your heart broken you will know that tight chest, empty stomach, cannot breathe properly feeling. It is your spirit in mourning trying to right itself.


If a child is produced by two people who are not spiritually aligned, then this can cause years of emotional problems for either side. Once the relationship comes to an end, the individuals will always be spiritually linked through their child. This can be healthy if both people have healed from the relationship. However, if someone’s spirit has not quite moved on, then you may face dramas, arguments and fights until they make peace with their ‘self’ and the fact that the other spirit will not, or does not, want to reciprocate.


So whatever your situation… married, single, long term relationship or Duracell rabbit, be aware of how your deep sexual feelings and the act itself directly impacts on your ‘sense of self’. Protect your aura, exercise self-control and only give it away when you find your kindred spirit. Unless of course, you are confident that your mental armour is strong enough to protect you from the contaminated spirits out there.


Author: Defined by Thrine

'The times they are a-changin' A passionate writer without an agenda History undergraduate Speak freely, listen intently #moreyinthanyang #healthydebates Enjoy...Defined by Thrine.

2 thoughts on “Sex”

  1. Interesting blogg ..hope loads read this as its contents could save lots of heart ache . Well written observation Cat ..lots of opertunity for change for some people .lots of opertunity for let’s not go there too ..xx👍🏻


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