We have to deal with lots of different people during our day. It is always preferable to be dealing with that sunshine happy person, rather than the unreasonable one described in my last post. Bonding with someone new on a friendship level can be extremely fun. There is nothing comparable to mutual banter and the belly laughs are good for your spirit. Always remain guarded and observant though or you maybe end up being a victim of a…’creeper’

It may be months before it becomes apparent that this new person in your life is not what you signed up for. We all have different shades to our personality ranging from dark to light.   Sadly, many of us allow ourselves to live within the darkness of our minds, which outwardly affects others. Look for the subtle (or obvious!) signs these beings project to see if they are genuine or not. There are two types of selfish, putting yourself first for the good of your wellbeing and using others to get what you want.

For instance, an opportunity may present itself and you voice to that person what action you are going to take to secure it. This could be a job, a man, a test, a fitness goal etc. You later find they have secured that opportunity or achieved it for themselves without even mentioning it to you. Afterwards they may brag, be dismissive of you and make you feel inferior to them. If you go on to find your own path they will ‘act’ uninterested and envy any glory you receive from others. They may also take it one step further and form themselves a gang of minions. Whilst you might find it intimidating just be grateful you are not a minion. It is far greater to stand alone as an individual and go after what you want, rather than follow anyone else’s plan. This is why you should pity these people. When they step on your toes in this way it is simply because they see a part of you they wish they could be themselves.

Now as I said you may feel hurt or isolated in your anger but you have learned a valuable lesson…do not let people in too soon.  If you are very excited about an opportunity only tell someone you can trust. If you are at the point where they are throwing their wins in your face then the best course of action is to smile through the pain. If you become aggressive and upset they will no doubt be overjoyed at the spectacle you are making of yourself. If you act dismissive or indifferent they will also be satisfied because they have rattled you. Again as with all negative situations with other people, they are trying to appear more important than they are because they do not have self worth.

There is always a grey area in any type of relationship. In this one it is determining whether this person does these things all the time or if it was a one off occurrence. Some find it difficult to deal with certain situations and so they end up appearing shady. Others are just accidentally socially oblivious to how they treat people…but then some are the creepers. Creepers are pod people…they want and intend to steal bits of your life to be happy with their own. They will leave you high and dry then look for their next victim to creep on. Real friends will only ever support you, be honest with you and most importantly… try to make your life light and happy, not a competition.

So that’s it…creepers…don’t let them creep into your life and use your resources or you for their evil ends!


Author: Defined by Thrine

'The times they are a-changin' A passionate writer without an agenda History undergraduate Speak freely, listen intently #moreyinthanyang #healthydebates Enjoy...Defined by Thrine.

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