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Politics has always been a sketchy area for many people and the public usually only recognise a politician when they have been slated in the media. One of my own Facebook friends recently admitted they thought the prime minister was called Cameron Brown…okay then. Now this may seem an obvious point- society has been sucked in deeper by social media and materialism in the last decade. We act like drones and care more about the release of a music album or an artist’s latest antics rather than a significant world event. Nigel Farage has recently found himself berated by the public on a number of occasions for being racist. This is a guy who founded UKIP in 1993, yet nobody really knew who he was until the EU referendum and even more so when he stepped down! There have been many misconceptions about why UKIP wish to leave the EU and this is the fault of the media. The papers will jump on a term Farage used like ‘British born’ and then state he wants all non-whites out of the country. Now who is racist? A lot of different races are British born Mr Newspaper Man. Granted, there will be racist UKIP followers, just like there are racist Labour and Cons supporters…but take note of how the media represent certain individuals. Farage is a man who started off with a few hundred votes in the 1990s. Now he and his party rival the main power houses of England. This guy is a threat.


Many people read what they believe because the majority of them do not know the recent history of politics. The relationship between the EU and Britain started off as a trade agreement only. The adoption into the EU family was a long slow process which the British people never voted on, it was done behind our backs. It is for this reason that Farage strongly opposes the EU and now that Brexit has come to fruition, they try to dangle the trade agreement in front of our faces and say we can only have it if we allow free movement. Bless those little European council control freaks. There was a brief moment in the last decade when the British public were opposing EU human rights laws that allowed terrorists to remain in the country. Then when the referendum came round they voted to remain. Whilst each person has the right to vote however they wish, some often forget what has come before, what will come after and the fact they are being spoon fed shit by the news outlets.

Google search: Is Nigel Farage …

The rise of political correctness and the increased awareness of racism means our politics get wrapped up in social issues. The media then use this to their advantage to promote someone else’s agenda (probably for a nice fee under the table), or to serve their own agenda. This also serves to destabilise the public power. As a single entity we can change whatever we want about his country, however, politicians and the media keep us divided to prevent this. If you voted stay…good for you, if you voted remain… good for you. Your own circumstances should have dictated how you voted. Not the person at work, down the street, at your kids’ nursery group or on the TV and in newspapers. Do not let the media and the drones feed you…educate yourself and read between the political lines. Everything feeds into a global agenda. Ask yourself questions whilst reading and watching the news… Why has there only been two major political parties up until now? Why did David Cameron change his mind half way through the reforms? Why is Jeremy Corbyn made out to be a joke when he is the only pacifist in West Minster? Why don’t the green party get a fair chance when they are the only party trying to save the planet? It all comes down to money, agenda and power.

DefinedByThrine Corrupt

Democracy is beautiful because it promotes healthy debate, however, the debate over Brexit has been very challenging and emotional for a lot of people. If you truly believe in democracy, then you know that the next step is forward not back. So now let’s peacefully accept we are Brexiting.

Brexit definedbythrine

Remember though…whoever the media is slating is usually the one you should be backing…and even then…they are probably corrupt. Sorry Nigel!


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